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Exprter of Herb - Lawsonia Inermis /Henna /Mehendi From india .

Botanical Name : Lawsonia Inermis

English Name : Henna

Common Name : Mehendi

Plant Part : Leaves - Powder

Actions and Uses :Henna is a leaf of small shrub of an Indian plant, dried, powdered and

used as body tattooing & hair color eApex International are specialized in selling

premium quality Henna Powder. We procure best quality henna leaves directly

from farms, and process it under stringent quality checksOur products are Herbal in nature and

we strive to make all our products CHEMICAL FREE. We supply Henna powder for Hair Conditioning

& Coloring and For Application on Hands, Palms, Feet, etc.

. We sell following two types of products : Pure Henna Powder: A 100% chemical free pure

Henna powder. It can be mixed with water and applied on hands, palms, feet & other body parts

using a plastic cone. Ladies generally use it during festivals and marriages, as a part of tradition.

Our product gives a dark and lasting colour with Hennas natural characteristic fragrance.

to obtain deep burgundy color and silky softness.

We also regularly export this product to the cosmetics manufacturing companies based in USA,

Malaysia & Japan, for making Henna shampoos, Henna fragrance & Henna extract.

Herbal Henna Powder: This powder is a fine mixture of Henna & other Indian herbs.

This is a 100% natural product and it gives conditioning, natural shine

as well as strength to the roots of hair. It can be mixed with water and applied on hair,
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