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Botanical Name : Zingiber officinale

English Name : Ginger

Common Name : Adrak

Plant Part : Roots

Actions and Uses:

Ginger has been an important herb in Asian medicine, it has been used to

promote cleansing of the body through perspiration, to calm nausea , vommitiing,

cough etc. In India ginger tea prepared by cooking slices of fresh ginger for a

few minutes, is taken as a spicy and healthy drink to get relieved form cold and cough.

Ginger is a classic tonic for the digestive tract. Classified as an aromatic bitter,

it stimulates digestion. It also keeps the intestinal muscles toned. Ginger inhibits

the production of immune-system components called cytokines. These chemicals

are believed to create a long-term tendency toward inflammation.

Ginger also stimulates blood circulation.
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