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Plant Origin:Trifolium pratense L. Specification :Isofavone 8%, 12%, 20% HPLC Action:As a source of plant estrogens, red clover extract can helps maintain a healthy level of estrogen in a woman's body as her own estrogen levels decline in midlife (menopause) . Generally it is used as dietary supplements for their high content of isoflavone compounds, which possess weak estrogenic activity and have been associated with a variety of health benefits during menopause such as reduction of hot flashes, promotion of heart health and maintenance of bone density. Product Name: Red Clover Extract Powder Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense L. Plant Part: Dried Tops Extract Solvent: Ethanol/Water Carrier Used: None Appearance:Fine Powder Color:Greenish dark brown Odor:Characteristic Taste:Characteristic Particle Size:100% through 80 Mesh Moisture:< 5.0% Heavy Metals:< 20ppm Arsenic (As) :< 1ppm Assay Isoflavone by HPLC:>8% Total Plate Count:1,000cfu/G Yeast & Mold:< 100cfu/G E. Coli. :Negative Salmonella:Negative Shelf Life:Two years when properly stored. Storage:Tightly sealed in a clean, cool, dry area. Do not freeze, keep away from strong, direct light.
It is known that herbs have signaficant action to humain body such as anti-aging, anti-cancer etc. It is used as dietary supplement for years.
Our products include
Product name Ingredient Analysis By Specification
1 Red Clover P. E. Isoflavones HPLC 8%,10%,20%
2 Siberian Ginseng P. E. Eleutherosides B+E HPLC 0.8%
3 Epimedium P. E. Icariin HPLC 10%,20%,40%
4 Milk Thistle P. E. Silymarin UV 80%
5 Wild Yam P. E. Dioscin HPLC 7-16%
6 Black Cohosh P. E. TriterpenoidSaponis HPLC 2.5%
7 White Willow Bark P. E. Salicin HPLC 8%,15%,25%
8 Rhodiola Rosea P. E. Salidroside HPLC 1%~3%
9 Grape Seed P. E. OPC UV 95%
10 Puerariae P. E. Isoflavones UV HPLC 40%,60%
11 Puerariae P. E. Puerarine HPLC 90%
12 St. Johns Wort P. E. Hypericins UV 0.3%
13 Ginkgo Biloba P. E. Flavone/Lactone HPLC 24%/6%
14 Horsetail P. E. Silica UV 7%
15 Angelicae P. E. Ligustilide HPLC 1%
16 Hawthorn Leaf P. E. Vitexin-2'-rhamnoside HPLC 2%
17 Reishi Mushroom P. E. Polysaccharides UV 10%
18 Citrus Aurantium P. E. Synephrine HPLC 8%,10%,30%
19 Astragalus P. E. Astragaloside TLC 0.3%
20 Schisandra Chinensis P. E. Schisandrins HPLC 2%
21 Bitter Melon P. E. Monordica charantia HPLC 10%
22 Shitake Mushroom P. E. Polysac Charides UV 10%
23 Huperzia Serrate P. E. Huperzine HPLC 1%,5%
24 Lighiyellow Sophora Root P. E. matrine HPLC 98%
25 Ginseng P. E. Ginsenosides UV 80%

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