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Herb for long
Herb for longusing excellent ferment technology to ferment the raw materials form prebiotics to zymosis and syrup, follow by concentration and refining. Average amino acids intake would improve your bodys function and maintain a healthy life. Amino acid is needed to be consumed for metabolism. If you reinforce the amino acid, your body will become more active and strong.
vigour preserve health sugar( also called no old drug ) . it use the exiguous suoyang amylose in Anxi China and extraction many element and ferment the raw material that concentrate and ferment the good bacterium. balanced aminophenol can enhance the body enginery and let you have the health and oomph life.
when exercise, the body aminophenol will use up for metabolize, if supply aminophenol, it can increase energy and resistance. Meantime, it also can enhance good physiology enginey and physique for man , it can take you unimaginable effect, and the best commodity is keep health and love for man.
This product has the USA FDA authentication and other full certificate for sale, import and export. it get good feedback in market in short time. many customer approbate it's effect.
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