Sell Herbal Child Sex Determinant

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I have been following newspaper articles on the plight of Crown Princess Masako of Japan with a deep sense of interest and compassion. The Princess is stressed and socially ostracized because she cannot bear a male heir to the crown. This is unfortunate because in Africa we have local herbs that would help her to conceive a boy!

Any woman out there who would like to conceive either a boy(s) or a girl(s) is welcome to contact me. The herbs are administered orally to a woman after which she mates with her husband the natural way. Success rate is 100% guaranteed.

Since this medication is a heritage from our ancestors, we do not charge for our services upfront but leave it to the couple to send us their appreciation after successful conception. The only upfront cost is that the couple/the woman has to travel to our clinic in Tanzania for administration. The herbs cannot be couriered.