Sell Herbal Extracts

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We are pleased to introduce NATIONAL MEDICAL AGENCIES as a successful and experienced firm (Established in 1954) with an aim to provide quality services to customers in the field of Medicines dealing in quality products of several Multinational and reputed companies.

After establishing its name and goodwill and encouraged by the traders and companies in the related fields, we got inspiration and courage to diversify its activities in the field of manufacturing Organic/Inorganic Chemicals, Drug Intermediates, Ayurvedic Herbal Extracts and later on Basic Drugs to give quality products to the valued customers.

For this we have developed a team of technical persons having Degrees in Pharmacy, M. B. A. and Organic Chemistry.

Seeing the vast demand of HERBAL EXTRACTS, we decided to manufacture COLEUS FROSKOHLII & SENNA EXTRACTS in the initial stage and ASHWAGANDHA, SATAVRI, SARCA INDICA, MULETHI, ALOEVERA, ETC. later on.

Seeing their vast demand it is not difficult to penetrate the market by 10% or more.

Use of HERBAL EXTRACTS and other Drug Intermediates has no bounds in this ever increasing market of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals due to the new researches and developments in the Medical Field all over the GLOBE.