Sell Herbal sugar

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"INIPP" The extract powder of Stevia Rebandiana Bertoni and this is the natural Herbal sugar substitute ans also this is the alternative to the sugar.
1) It is '0' calorie Herbal-sweetener.
2) It is not a sugar, sachharine & Aspartame
3) It is 200 times sweeter than sugar with '0' calorie.
4) It is Internationally accepted as sweetening agent-with no side effect.
5) It is readily soluble in water.
6) It is highly stable even at 198' centigrade.
7) It is not affected by Acids and Alkalies.
8) It is not metabolised by the body.
9) It does not interact nor it is incompatible with any ingredients of any food and drugs preparation.
10) It is non-fermentable and not affected by insects and yeast.
11) 30.5% economical, compared to sugar.
12) It has Therapeutic benefits.

Uses : Controls blood sugar, Good for diabetics, regulates blood pressure, Prevents skin disceses, Prevents tooth dacay and it is good for weight reduction. Stevia is approved by FAO and WHO.