Sell Herbal weight loss capsule

Herbal weight loss capsule
Kingbo Slimming Capsule-100% herbal
A. Brief introduction
Kingbo Slimming Capsule is a herbal medicine for losing weight, made of mixture of Chinese herbs and chemical medicine. This capsule is safe and effective, could be used as regular medicine for the simple fat people.
B. Ingredient
Lotus leaf, Pyruvic Calcium, Haw, Fructus citri, Semen cassiae forae
C. Features
1. Safe
Because KINGBO Slimming capsule only act on the intestinal tract, not on brain, and hardly absorbed in blood, so the adverse reactions are in intestinal tract, such as oil speck and oil shit. All such adverse reactions are the reflection of this capsules effect. And all the adverse reactions appear at the early stage you take KINGBO Slimming capsule, and remission follows. This capsule could be used as regular medicine for the simple fat people.
2. Effective
You could see the effect 4-5 days after you keep taking KINGBO Slimming capsule and lose 4-8kg within a month. Especially, its obvious that the fat around your waist is reduced much, while the waist size is an important indicator for fat and angiocardiopathy. Whats more, no rebound, the lost weight and lost fat is lost for ever, never back to your body. It does not only reduce fat, but also reduce the risk of having fat-related diseases, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fat disease.

Usage and Dosage: Oral use, take 3 piece per day
Specification: 0.4g/piece
License No. National Hygiastic Foodstuff license No. :(1997) No.802
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5 days
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5 bottles
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