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Product name:Ametryn95%TC
Formulation:80%WP 80%WG;500g/LSC
Appearance:White Powder
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Ship date:ASAP Prompt
Payment Term:T/T 30DUE NET, L/C Sight
Packing:As ur request
Application: Uses Pre- and post-emergence control of most annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds in pineapples, sugar cane, bananas, citrus fruit, maize, cassava, coffee, tea, sisal, cocoa, oil palms, and on non-crop land. Application rates are in the range 2-4 kg/ha, except when used as a directed spray on maize. Also used as a potato haulm desiccant. Phytotoxicity Some sugar cane varieties show temporary chlorosis and scorching of lower leaves.
Toxicology:Acute oral:LD 50 for rats 1160 mg tech. /kg.
Skin and eye Acute percutaneous:LD50 for rabbits>2020, rats>3100mg/kg
Not a skin or eye irritant(rabbits) .
Inhalation:LC50(4h) for rats>5170 mg/m3 air.

Acifluorfen(Sodium) 80%TC 24%SL
Ametryn 95%TC 40%,80%WP,50%SC
Atrazine 96%TC 50%,80%WP;90%WDG;50%SC
Atrazine 96%TC 50%,80%WP;90%WDG;50%SC
Clomazone 90%TC 48%EC
Paraquat 42%(dichloride) SL(Paraquat dichloride 276g/L)
Picloram 92%TC
Prometryn 97%TC 40%,50%,80%WP;50%SC
Quinclorac 93%TC 50%WP;25%SC
Terbutryn 96%TC 50% 80%WP;50%SC
Terbuthylazine 96%TC 50% 80%WP;50%SC

Abamectin B1a>=91% 1.0%,1.8%,1.9%,2.0%,3.36%,3.6%EC
B1(B1a+B1b) >=95% 1) . Liquid Color:Light Brown&Dark Brown
2) Normal &High viscous
Acetamiprid 95%TC 20%SL,20%SP,3%,5%,10%EC
Bacillus Thuringiensis(B. t. ) >=50000IU/mg 3.2,1.6,0.8(x10000IU/mg) WP
1.2,0.8(x10000IU/uL) SC
Chlorfenapyr 95%TC 5%,10%,20%,70%WP;5%,10%,20%EC
Chlorfluazuron 92%TC 5%EC
Cyromazine 99%TC 50%,75%WP
Diazinon 95%TC 50%,60%EC
Fipronil 95%TC 5%,20%SC,80%WDG
Lufenuron 97%TC 50g/L EC; ~+profenofos 550g/L EC
Terbufos 90%TC 3%,5%,10% G
6-Benzylamino purine 99%TC 1.8% GA4+7 plus 1.8% 6-Benzylamino purineEC(3.6%EC)
Bispyribac (sodium) 95%TC 20%WP;100g/L.400g/L SC
Clethodim 91% 37%TC 120g/L,240g/L EC
Imazethapyr 97%TC 50g/L,100g/L,200g/L SL
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