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Herbs & Spices, Resins and Oils You May Also Be Interested In: emblica officinalis fruit frankincense myrrh herbs and spices herbs spices oil herbs
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Resins:- Gum dammer, guggul, aloe resin, frankincense, myrrh, Gum arabic, Asafoetida.

Oils:- Neem oil, Castor oil, Mustard oil.

Herbs & Spices:- Indian acalypha, bael root, bael fruit, alum,tailpepper (dried fruit), black musale (tuber), curcuma zedoaria, emblica officinalis (fruit), ficus glomerata, gloriosa superba, ipomoea turpethium, sensitive plant (whole plant), cowage (seeds), nigella sativa, stone flowers, babchi seeds, oak galls (nut), solanum nigrum, poon tree,wild almond (stem), trianthema decandra (root), verononia anthelmintica, Senna leaves, Centella Asiatica, Lemon grass, Licorice roots, Aloe vera, Withania Somnifetra, ink nut,country mallow (root), Bishops Weed, Dill seed, Turmeric, Dandelion, tamarind, black pepper, neem seeds, Jequirity seeds, soap pod, alexandrian laurel (seeds), Neem, lodh tree(bark), wild eggs plant (whole plant), myrica nagi, rock salt, cyperus rotundus, Annatto seeds, Indian saraparilla, cyperus rotundus & more.

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