Sell Hermetically Vegetable and Fruit Sterilizer (YL-GS)

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Product name: Vegetable & Fruit & Meat Disinfector
Item no: YL-GS
Specified voltage: 220-240V
Specified frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 20W
Capacity of the shell: : 16L
External dimension: 395*300*305(mm)
Weight: 4.5kg

Disinfection and sterilization for fruit, vegetable, grain, fish and so on.

Main Features:
(1) Ozone instrument, fresh product of high technique, adopting natural air as raw material, produces high concentration of ozone by means of discharge under high frequency and high voltage, which is a strong oxidant with active chemistry.
(2) Purifying water, this machine can eliminate peculiar bad smell and many kinds of impurities such as bacterium and heavy metal ions
(3) Health protection, washing face and clearing foot with ozone, can rid epiphyte and cure dermatophytosis, accelerate body's blood circulation and metabolism, obtain the effect of health protection.
(4) Ozone and Food Processing: The most powerful oxidizer available, no chemical storage required, 3000 times more germicidal than chlorine, instant pathogen destruction, no residual
(5) Ozone and Grain Treatment: Destroys aflatoxins, acts as a fumigant and insecticide, stops mold growth, generated on-site - no stored chemicals, does not damage the product
(6) Ozone and Food Preservation: Instantly destroys microbes, eliminates chemical storage, stops mold spores, does not affect product taste, no harmful by-products, can be used in air and water
(7) Ozone Drinking Water for Agriculture: 3, 125 times more germicidal than chlorine, better tasting water - increased consumption, destroys all types of microorganisms instantly, destroys organic waste by oxidation, low maintenance costs, environmentally friendly oxidant, no residual, created on-site no chemical storage

Package Information:
Net Weight: 3.2KG
Gross Weight: 4.2KG
Packing Box: 425x350x340mm
Outer Packing: Chinese package or neutral package Conveyance:
Qty/20'FCL: 624PCS Qty/40'FCL: 1296PCS.
Brand Name
M Fresh
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Power Requirements
110,220 VOLTS
Terms of Payment