Sell Hermetically-sealed Oil-immersed Transformer

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1) Aiming to enjoy polished appearance, reinforce the mechanical strength as well as rust prevention, we creatively make stainless steel welded edges our design patent, which is at the same time protective for all the sealing elements.

2) Its up to customers to equip the oil tank with any types of our patented accessory  oil level indicator (YWJ) , whose innovative design and visual display primarily realize such functions as oil level and working temperature indication, pressure relief and oil conservation.

3) The usage of rust-removed, acid-cleaned and imported antirust paint coated oil tank and clamps makes the fading of paint totally under control. Besides, the clamping bolts are of stainless steel and apparently add to your satisfaction.

4) In an effect to ensure hermetization and reliability, drip-molding sealing elements, with surface specially treated, are introduced from the 41st Research Institute of the Fourth Academy of China Airspace Corp. . .

5) Imported Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steels basically guarantee excellent performance of the magnetic core. Moreover, the spacer blocks are made of electrical insulating compression wood so as to avoid distortion and crack and comparatively make sure of second to none mechanical strength.

6) Hermetical structure of the transformer fundamentally isolates the insulation oil from the atmosphere and thus slows down the aging of the oil.

7) Compared with S9-M series of transformers, S11-M series enjoys an average no-load loss reduced by 30%, no-load current reduced by 60% and noise level reduced by 5-10dB.
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