Sell Hexabromocyclododecane FR 40GF grade

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Product Description
Heat-resistant hexabromocyclododecane is a high-bromine-content cyclic aliphatic compound, Generally used as flame-retardant. As only very small quantity needs to be added, HBCD has minimal impact on the polymer properties to guarantee the performance of finished materials. However, the general grades of HBCD usually melt at a temperature range of 180-200 C; , which coincides with or is lower than the processing range of most polymer materials. The decomposition of HBCD during processing will reduce its flame-retardant resistance and release corrosive gases causing severe damage to the processing equipment. Meanwhile, the zinc stearate remained in polymers will accelerate the decomposition of HBCD during process. Thus restrict its application. In order to overcome the above mentioned shortcomings, a heat-resistant grade FR 40GF has been developed on the base of general grades and by using advanced technology. The product offers advantages including higher decomposition temperature and better thermal stability against zinc stearate. Its decomposition temperature is dramatically increased up to 228 C.
Heat-Resistant Hexabromocyclododecane (FR 40GF) is designed to be used in various thermosetting or thermoplastic polymer materials to meet flame-retard requirement, especially suitable for the use in expandable polystyrene (XPS) extrusion. This product offers advantages including higher decomposition temperature , better compatibility with polymer materials, no migration in finished products, no releasing fo corrosive gases and hence no corrosion to equipment, The oxygen index(OI) of finished products can generally meet the specified self-extinguishing standard

Product Feature
Good heat-resistance, can solve the problem against zinc stearate.

CAS No. : 25637-99-4

Formula: C12H18Br6

Packing: 25kgs net paper bags on pallets, 15mt/FCL

M. W. : 641.77

H. S. : 29035900

Product Specification/Models
Appearance: White flowing powder
M. W. : 641.7
Specific gravity: 2.20
Average particle size: 8-20um
Decomposition temperature: 228C min
Volatiles(2hours, at 105C) : 0.5%max
Bromine content(theoretical) : 65%min

Good flame retardants used in XPS, HIPS and so on.
Particles are coated in new way and can solve the problem with zinc stearate in production of XPS.

Other Information
Packing: 25Kgs net paper bags on pallets, 15MT/20'FCL
Available Colors
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20'' x 8' x 8'6''
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14----15 TONS