Sell Hexagonal Wire Netting Twisting Machine

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AHL-01 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
AHL-01 sets
The AHL series of weaving machine suit to weave hexagonal wire netting in normal and reverse twist.
They are classified five types according to the different opening: 1", 1 1/4", 11/2", 2", 3".
The machine can continuously work, below are the characteristics:

Smooth running, low noise, automatically stop and give an alarm when there's something wrong
Scope of weaving: 1.22m double width or 2.44m single width
Used clutch arrester, neatly handle
Concentrate lubricating system, simply operate
The motor's power: 2.2KW. Three-phase current
Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Normal and Reverse Twist Weave
This series of machines sell well to Europe, America
AHL-02 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
AHL-03 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machines