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Hexagonal Wire Netting is in firm structure, Hexagonal Wire Netting is mostly used as light fencing for Poultry Farms, Bird Cages, Rabbit Netting, Tree Guard Netting, Pheasant Netting, Chicken Netting, Thatchers Netting, Tennis Courts and Light Reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement concrete, plastering and laying of roads.

Weaving Pattern: normal twist and reverse twist.

hot-dipped galvanized after weaving
hot-dipped galvanized before weaving
electro galvanized after weaving
electro galvanized before weaving
PVC-coated Hexagonal Wire Netting

The follows is some types, and other types are woven under customers request.
Mesh Wire dia Mesh Width
BWG mm Meter
3/8 27-23 0.41-0.64 width limit:2M, single or double edge
1/2 27-22 0.41-0.71 width limit:2M, single or double edge
5/8 27-22 0.41-0.71 width limit:1.22M, single or double edge
3/4 26-20 0.46-0.89 width limit:2M, single or double or strong edge
1 25-19 0.51-1.07 width limit:2M, straight or reversed twist
1-1/4 24-18 0.56-1.24 width limit:2M, straight or reversed twist
1-1/2 23-16 0.64-1.65 width limit:2M
2 22-14 0.71-2.11 width limit:2M
3 21-15 0.81-2.11 width limit:2M