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Name: Hexahydrophthalic anhydride, HHPA, cyclohexanedicarboxylic anhydride, 1, 2-cyclohexane- dicarboxylic anhydride, mixture of cis and trans.
CAS No: [85-42-7](cis-HHPA&trans-HHPA, trans-HHPA<=2%) ; [13149-00-3](cis-HHPA)
Formula: C8H10O3
Formula Weight: 154.17
Properties: Soluble in benzene and acetone, etc. Sensitive to moisture. Specific gravity 1.18.
Application: Coatings, epoxy resin curing agents, adhesives, plasticizers, etc.
Package: Packed in 25 kg plastic drums or 220kg iron drums.
Cautions: Store in cool, dry places and keep away from fire and moisture.
Appearance white solid
Content >=99.0 %
Iodine Value <=1.0
Free Acid <=1.0%
Chromaticity(Pt-Co) <=60#
Melting Point 34.0-38.0

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