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We can supply you with Hexamine - HEXAMETHYLENETETRAMINE (UROTROPIN) (CH2) 6N4  for industrial/commercial use.

Hexamine is used as the curing agent of phenolic platic, the catalytic agent of amino plastic, the promoter of vulcanized rubber, the antishrinking agent for textile goods, diuretic and germicide of pharmacy, the black explosive of military industry and the pesticide of agriculture. And it can be used for the absorbent for light and air in the poison gas mask, if it is mixed with caustic soda & phenoxide.

Purity %>= ------------------------ 99.0
Moisture %<= -------------------- 0.50
Ash content %<= ---------------- 0.03
Aqueous Solution -------------- Clear
Heavy metal(on Pb) %<=-------- 0.001
Chloride(on CL) %<= ------------ 0.015
Sulphate(on SO4) , <= --------------0.02
Ammonium(on NHd4) , <= -------- 0.001

Packing: packed with the polypropylene bag and the polyethylene film bag, with a weight of 50kg/bag.

Payment T/T with 30% deposit and 70% at sight.

If you have any questions don4t hesitate to contact us.
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T/T T/T with 30% deposit and 70% at sight.
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