Sell Hexyl Nicotinate/Brillian Slimming Agent

Hexyl Nicotinate/Brillian Slimming Agent
Product name: Brillian Slimming Agent
INCI Name: Hexyl Nicotinate
CAS NO. : 23597-82-2
EINECS NO. : 245-767-4
Colorless to slight yellow oil transparent liquid, slight irritating smell, easily dissolved in organic solvents such as lipid and ethanol and insoluble in water.
Quality index:
Identification:Infrared spectrogram accord with the sample product
Density: 1.100~1.130 g/cm3
Heavy metal: <=0.002%
Content: >=96%
This product can split fat to reduce localized fatty excesses. After penetrating through the skin, the product can split the main component of fat -fatty acid triglycerid into fatty acid and glycerin. It will cause skin slightly red and heat, reduce the moisture in the cellulites and is favorable for removing the fatty acid from these tissues.
Safety: Slightly irritation to skin, strong vasodilatation effect. Do not splash it into eyes.
Dosage: 0.2-1.0%
Package and storage: 5Kg/aluminium bucket. Keep away from light and keep sealed.