Sell Hi-Fi Speaker system

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Multimedia Speaker System
1. Genuine 5.1 channel speaker system, support AC-3, DTS and THX.
2. Streamline body and front adjustment: High-degree arc streamline body and silver color front panel, with
blue cold light decoration and metal. coated knob. The appearance is fashionable and the front knob makes
it easily adjustable.
3. Excellent high-power long-stroke reproducer with low distortion.
4. Powerful bass and clear sound from middle and high speaker unit.
5. High-quality acoustics design and powerful bass.
6. Non-magnetic design, no effect to other electronic devices.
8. Suitable to be connected to multi-media computer, CD, VCD, DVD, Walkman, Discman, MP3, etc.
9. Colorful packing-box