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HID(High Intensity Discharge Lamp) is to produce light by starting the chemical reaction between xenon and rare metal through introduction of positive and negative electricithy. Within the tube of HID bulb is a small glassball(with mixture of xenon, small-quantity mercury vapor and Metal Halide Salts in it ) . By the work of ballast, voltage is boosted in several microseconds to form over 20 thousand volt pulse electricity between the metal electrodes of quartz bulb, which in return starts the ionization of compounds in the arc to produce light. Collision being caused by high temperature and wigth the increase of voltage, the line spectrum is widened into belt spectrum, As soon as connected to power, HID xenon lamp emits light with luminance three times the 55W halogen lamp. Strong contrast can be observed.

Technical parameter:
Input voltage range: 9-16V
Normal input voltage: 12V
Output power: 35W
Normal input current: < 4A
Highest inprt current: < 15A
Working temperature: -400-1050
Life span: >2000 hours
Supply Capacity
ISO9001&3A2000, E-Mark
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
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Warranty Coverage
1 year