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High-Affinity GST Resin

RealGene's High-Affinity GST Resin (RG00206) is designed for the rapid, single-step purification of glutathione S-transferases, glutathione-dependent proteins, and recombinant derivatives of glutathione S-transferase, including glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion proteins expressed in E. coli, insect cells, and mammalian cells. High-Affinity GST Resin can purify GST fusion proteins directly from bacterial lysate using. High-Affinity GST Resin (50% slurry) has a protein binding capacity of over 6 mg GST/ml packed resin.

The GST Fusion Protein Purification Kit (RG00207) also includes five disposable columns and five 0.154 g samples of glutathione to facilitate protein purification.

RealGene's Protein Expression and Purification Kit (RG00208) provides a set of reagents for customers to use to facilitate the expression and purification of target proteins. pGS-21a vector is designed for cloning, high-level expression, and the convenient purification of proteins. Either of two tags, (His)6 and GST, may be joined to the N- terminus of the fused protein to facilitate its purification. Recombinant enterokinase light chain (EK) is also included in the kit for the cleavage of tags. The recombinant enterokinase (EK) contains a (His)6 tag for easy removal of EK after cleavage using Ni-resin (not included) .

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