Sell High Alumina Bricks for General Uses

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High Alumina Bricks for general uses are made from bauxite of super quality, bonding chamotte and additives. The advantages of these products are high refractoriness, anti alkaline/acid erosions, good strength under high temperature and good thermal shock resistance. They were widely accepted in thermal equipment of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, construction materials, machinery and militaries etc.

Item LZ-75 LZ-65 LZ-55 LZ-48
Al2O3, %min 75 65 55 48
Refractoriness min 1790 1790 1770 1750
RUL min 1520 1500 1470 1420
P. L. C.15000 X 2h 0.1-0.4 15000 X 2h 0-0.2
A. P. max 23 23 22 22
CCS max 53.9 49.0 44.1 39.2