Sell High Definition 1080P+ Live input box LX-N6

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Key function:
1. LX-N6 is a High-Definition Player supports DVI output up to 1920x1080 and WMV9 HD video. It has the ability to firmly manage clients and groups; adopts DHCP mode of transfer technology, it greatly eliminates the need for clients to have fixed IP. Clients automatically download the content according to a predefined playlist through network input. It features a excellent solution for easy installation and an easy-to-use network operation.

2. Features:
. Accepts Component/S-video/Composite LiveInput
. Playback of digital video, graphic and text contents.
. High quality digital and analog video output
. Supports direct connection to LCD.
. Play list to control and schedule the playback.
. IDE and USB ports for optional content storage.
. Transfer all content over Ethernet.
. Supports wireless LAN connection.
. Fan less, compact PCB module.
. Stereo audio function.
. DVI output up to 1920x1080 d
. Mutil-HD support for 1080p24 and 1080i60
. Additional Support WMV9
. Real Time RSS Feed

3. Specification:
*Core processor: Sigma Designs-Single chip digital media processor(embedded 32-bit RISC CPU)
*Media Decoding: H/W MPEG Decoding Engine, DSP-Based audio decoders
*Dimensions: 250(W) x142(H) x46(D) mm
*Weight: Approx.0.6kg
*Storage Media:CF or HDD
*Content Update: Networking(By Ethernet/WLAN) /USB Flash Drive
*Power Supply: 12V 4A DC input
*Power Consumption: Approx.5V, typical, normal operation
*Video input: S-video, Composite/Component
*Audio input: Stereo phone jack/R-L Audio
*Video Ouput: DVI-I/VGA/S-Video/CVBSdd
*Audio Ouput: Stereo RCA 2Wx2
*Network Connections: 10/100 Base-T(RJ-45) , mintPCI for 802.11b/g WLAN
*Video Format support: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4
*Graphics Format support: JPEG, BMP, PNG
*Text Banner: Variable scrolling speed and position