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Complex Enzyme for ETHANOL Fermentation is composed by series of excellent pure enzymes, which are produced by cultivation of good strains and submerged fermentation. This product is scientifically approved to be used in special ETHANOL fermentation, in which it takes maize, potato or wheat as the raw material.
Its main effects are as below:
1 Decreasing the viscidity of the fermentation broth; Reducing the involvement of post-procedure.
2 Increasing the absorbable nitrogen of mash; Facilitating the yeast growth and reproduction; Enhancing the yeast concentration of optimal fermentation period 18-24 hour , fermentation speed and utilization rate; Shortening the fermentation period.
3 Through the hydrolyzation of enzymes it breaches the structure of starch granular matrix, increase the starch and fermentable sugar, by which the alcohol output is improved dramatically.


Appearance: Powder
Colour: Light grey
Odor: Normal fermentation odour
Composition: 30,000CMCU/G on cellulase activity; 200,000U/G on xylanase activity; 5000U/G on pectinase activity; 40000U/G on protease activity
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