Buy High-End laptops - Sony Vaio's - Availability?

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Are you able to provide me with the GRT 360 and 380 series VAIO's? I am also interested in the following VAIO models: GRT 170, 260, 360, 380, 916, 996, X505, FRV26, FRV27, K23, K27, A150, A190, TRA3PA, Z1WA. . . . and any VAIO's with P4 mobile < 3 GHz or Centrino's < 1.6, This is our market. Can you get these models? I would like to see your pricing on the one's you can provide. After our initial transaction, I will need to move 10,000 - 20,000 by October, please let me know if you have the capacity to handle that kind of volume.

My immediate need is for the GRT380ZG's, let me know pricing I look forward to working with you!


Chase Remmen
CEO/Managing Director
Bluestone Companies, Inc.
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