Sell High-Frequency Jet Ventilator for First-aid (TKR-300JII)

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TKR-300JII computerized high-frequency first-aid ventilator is a dedicated system device for respiration salvaging and revival, The main frame choose the principle of high-frequency ventilation, it is widely used for clinical salvaging and revival also is a dedicated device used for respiration salvaging on first-aid car.

a . An opening system is designed to avoid leakage of airway, When ventilating, the intubation may without casing bag. Little tube may be used for ventilation when resistance of expiration is small, so that mucosa won't be hurt easily.
b . With opening airway, suction and ventilation can be done at the same time, so good effectiveness of oxygen combination can be shown without inspiration and expiration synchronizing.
c . As ventilating, lower airway pressure is good to increase blood discharge and decrease encephal pressure.
e . Suction device, it driving negative pressure is adjustable.
f . Accumulator jar, it can be used continuously for not less than four hours after being charging.
h . The system disposes completely with laryngoscope, inlet intubation, catheter of tracheotomy, nasal prongs tube, air tube and so on.