Sell High Frequency Machine (CWH-10A/CWH-15A) /Plastic Welding and Die Cutting Machine

High Frequency Machine (CWH-10A/CWH-15A) /Plastic Welding and Die Cutting Machine You May Also Be Interested In: automatic folder automatic folder gluer die cutting machine folder gluer high frequency machine
This machine is suitable for creasing and die cutting rigid plastic film, like PVC, APET, PETG, PP, TPV, etc.

It' s used for forming the production line of making transparent / plastic box together with our Microcomputer Automatic Flattening and Slicing Machine and our Automatic Folder Gluer or Semi-auto Plastic Box Gluing Machine .

1. The vibration tube is of Toshiba brand , it is stable and reliable in output
2. A high sensitive spark preventing gadget is installed in this machine, it can effectively prevent wearing out the mould.
3. It is composed of a whole set of high-quality electrical parts which improves machine performance
4. Automatically movable table style, its easy to operate.
5. Its Pneumatic driving fitting can strengthen the cutting pressure.

Item CWH-10A CWH-15A
Power 10000W 15000W
Oscillation frequency 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ
Input power 18KVA 28KVA
Max Pressure 40T 60T
Gap of Electrodes 220mm 220mm
Area of work 700*500mm 850*700mm
Press board size 700*500mm 850*700mm
Machine Dimension 2000*2800*2400mm 3400*1900*2600mm
Machine Weight 2300Kg 3200Kg
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Warranty Coverage
1 year