Sell High Frequency Medical X-ray Camera AJ-4201

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USE for: General Photography
Ray-filter Device Photography

* High frequency high-voltage generator can output X-ray with high quality.
* Intelligent computer control.
* Setting mode with many photographic conditions and can program itself for setting.
* With trouble self-protective and self-diagnostic function.
* With photographic bed and X-ray tube unit pillar.
* Can select vertical ray-filter device.

Main specifications


Power supply
Three-phase 380V( 1 10%)50Hz/60Hz

Max output power

Photographic tube voltage
40~125Vstep size1KV

Photographic tube current

Main machine frequency

Contravariant mode
PWM ( pulsewidth modulation )

Filament heating

Rotary anode drive
Middle speed or high speed(optional)

Control mode
RS422 digital interface, open command, supporting user's second development, standard configuration controller

Capacity self-lock, trouble self-diagnosis and self protection, trouble information, self-recording for exposure times

Photographic bed
Bed face LWWWH
2100mm W 760mmW700mm

Movable range of bed face
Moving in length 》 600mm

Moving in breadth 》 180mm

Distance from focus of X-ray tube to ground

Ray-filter device
Vertical stroke 》 500mm

Grid density N103(fixed)

Convergence distance f 0 100cm

Grid ratio r10(optional)

Cassette specification Max3 56 W 432mm(14W17)

X-ray tube unit and pillar
Moving in length(along photographic bed)
》 1500mm

Bulb turning around the shaft of arm
1 1800

Bulb turning around the shaft of tube sleeve
To inside 200 , To outside 900

Certificate: ISO & CE