Sell High Purity Cadmium 5N 6N 7N

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High Purity Cadmium 5N 6N 7N
Cd-5N Zn/Pb 1.0ppm each, Cu 0.10ppm Ag/Ca/Al/Mg/Ni/fe/Sn/Cr/Bi/Sb 0.5ppm each
Cd-6N Zn/Pb 0.10ppm each , Cu 0.01ppm, Ag/Al/Mg/Ni/fe/Sn/Cr/Bi/Sb 0.05ppm each
Cd-7N Zn 0.02ppm, Fe 0.01ppm, Ag/Ca/Al/Mg/Ni/fe/Sn/Cr/Bi/Cu 0.005ppm each
Size : 6N Rod-shaped with Diameter less than 49mm or 25g +/-2g
7N 1000g+/-100g
Packing: in sealed plastic film bag filled with argon gas, composite aluminum foil sealed outside.