Sell High Purity Graphite (PH Value 7)

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High Purity Graphite (PH Value 7) :

Our company uses unique high-pressure catalysis and purification process to produce the 99.9% carbon and 99.99% high purified spectrum graphite (thermal purification and chemical purification) . Their quality is world leading and are widely used in war industry, nuclear industry, ultra-low molybdenum mercury free battery material smelting industry and high purity graphite product.

32 mesh-100 mesh
Fixed Carbon: more than 94-99.9%
PH Value: 7
Particle size screen oversize: more than 80%
Moisture: less than 0.5%
S: less than 200 ppm
Cl: less than 50 ppm
Fe: less than 500 ppm
F: less than 50 ppm
Mica: 0 ppm
Quartz: 0 ppm
The above technical indexes can be adjusted according to the users different requirements.