Sell High Purity Mineral Amplification Bottle

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High Purity Mineral Amplification Bottle

Don't you expect to drink the water containing natural minerals , and negative ions
containing 1,000pcs per 1 cc????

It is just for your health enough to circulate your blood warbled.

If so use this special bottle if you desire to drink water contained a lot of high
range of minerals and negative ions.

This bottle patented is specially designed in it's container
made by plastic mixed with magnetic iron filings enough to generate
Magnetic Energy , and to have molecular of water active, and in it's
Cylinderr-shaped core stuffed with the rock called as "Io-Seki" consisting of
oceanic deposit enough to generate minerals and negative ions and artificial
ore called as "Ion tia-bals".

It is very simple to use, only
to rinse tap water once and put the water in it again to get the water practically
satisfied to drink with about three to four hours after the tap water is put in
the container.

You could use nearly for 2 years only with one bottle.

Now on being launched . Distributor wanted who has good sales channels.

Please contact us togetherwith your brief company's profile, your sales channels
expected sales volume, etc with attention to Katsumi Yamamoto
Hidemitsu Enterprises