Sell High Purity Tellurium 5N,6N,7N

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High Purity Tellurium 5N,6N,7N
Impurity(ppm max)
Te 5N Ag/Cu/Cd 0.2 each, Al/Mg/Ni/Pb/Fe/Sn 0.10each, Se 1.0 ,
Te 6N Zn/Ca/ 0.02each, Ag/Cu 0.002each, Al/Ni/Pb/Fe/Cd 0.01each, Mg 0.008, Se 0.1,
Te 7N Ag/Cu 0.001each, Al/Cd/Mg/Ni/Pb 0.005each, Fe/Ca/Se 0.01each, Zn 0.02 ,
Size: irregular big lump of 1000gram +/-150gram.
Quantity:1200kgs per month
Packing: in sealed plastic film bag with filled argon gas , and then with composite