Sell High Quality Car LED Lamp S25 Base

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Product Description
The advantages of Auto LED bulb:

1. Quick reaction
The light-emitting diode lightening postpones only having several tens Nanosecond, can ignore it Therefore the LED bulb used as braking light can be prompt reminding the behind drivers adopts a braking and avoiding meeting the accident dodging, avoiding being rear-ended effectively.

2. Long life time:
Actual working life time in 30000-80000hours. And the halogen lamp just have 300-1000hours. So you no need to change or maintenance the bulb it will working more long time than car itself.

3High glowing efficiency:
Luminescence efficiency is 18% approximately. But LED's visible light efficiency exceeds 95% and working with on heat produce, it is a real cold illuminant.

4. Stronger anti-shake
There always have the bump and shake during the car running and easy to break the bulb's tungsten filament so it can not working long time. Sometime we say the bulb is burn out mostly it is broken due to the shake and bump. The LED bulb do not have composite construction and relative motion component so have very good function to anti the bump and shake.

5. Energy saving:
One Auto LED bulb working current is about 20mAh. Power consumption of LED lamp group is equal to one tenth of. So the LED bulb's working current is very small

6. Many colors available:
Red, yellow, green, blue, white, orange, multi-color, etc.

Models for Auto LED bulb:

T5, T8, T10, T12, FT10, T15, 7440, 7443, 1156, 1157, 3156, 3157, G18. 5, MR16, PAR38, PAR38, etc,
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