Sell High Quality Seafood to offer

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Our product includes the following:

. Live Razor Clam - Ensis Siliqua .
. Live Canadian Oyster - Crassostrea Gigas
. Live Korean King Crabs
. Live Canadian Lobster - HOMARUS AMERICANUS
. Live Lobster  P. ORNATUS & P. HOMARUS
. Live Chilean Lobsters - JASUS FRONTALIS

. Frozen Razor Clam - Ensis Ensis
. Frozen Lobsters Tails
. Various Frozen Fishes
. Frozen Octopus
. Frozen Atlantic Cod heads
. Frozen Salmon Heads

. Fresh & FrozenYellow Fin Tuna
(Loins & Whole Fish)
. Scallops
. Salmons
. Shrimps

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