Sell High Quality Used Seamless Steel Tubes

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Steamed, cleaned, packed Seamless Steel Tubes
Russian standard GOST633-80b, TU 14-3-1772-91
Quantity: 10,000 - 30,000 MT upon request
Model/Type: NKT
Brand of steel: 36G2C (Russian high standard same for armour steel)
Makers: Sinar and Pervouralsk Steel Plants, Russia
Depreciation: 20-40%, curve 1% max overall
Size (diameter/wall thickness/weight per 1 m) :
60.3 mm/5.0 mm/6.8 kg per 1 m;
73.0 mm/5.5 mm/9.2 kg per 1 m;
88.9 mm/6.5 mm/13.2 kg per 1 m;
Chemical composition: C-0.41-0.49, S- 0.01-0.021, P-0.01-0.19, Si- 0.17-0.37, Mn- 0.50-0.80, Cr- 0.45-0.75, Ni- 1.0
Tensile strength: (kg/sq. mm) - 78.5-84.0
Yield strength: (kg/sq. mm) - 50.0-59.6
Elongation (%) : 20.0-22.5
Length: 8.0 - 11.7 m
Packing: in steel wired bundles (5-7 MT each) . Every tubes in each bundle tube of the same diameter and length. All tubes end will be covered with plastic.
Documentation: can provide International SGS Certificates.
Payment: International First Class Bank of confirmed 100% documentary, transferable, irrevocable, revolving, covered Letter of Credit at sight, partial shipment allowed
Delivery: Prompt
Subject to availability
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