Sell High Speed High Precision Laser Bar Code Gun(KPE-6730)

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The laser barcode scanner design and machining of modern electronic products often use the semiconductor parts and magnetic materials. It is becoming more and more extractive, which makes the static damage gets greater. As to statistics, almost 30%-40% ineffective products during the application of semi-conductor parts and magnetic parts are damaged by the static. The KPE6000ESD laser shooter is especially for the barcode data collective system of MRPII, DRP, ERP that the modern enterprise used. It is not only reduce the product damage, assure the product quality, it can also prevent the fire damage, etc. That the static caused.

KPE6000ESD and KPE6730 are both high speed, high precision with low cost. And it is especially used in the area of static sensitive and easily explode.

Product Character:
Anti-static case use special material, insure not produce static high voltage when using.

* Anti-static case use special material, meet the standard of 100-grade super clean workshop.

* Can fast read among 0.1-0.125 super precise short narrow bar code.

* User can easily change connective style by set up bar code(serial interface or keyboard copy spot)

* Shape color is beautiful, weight is only 154 gram

Compare to same kind products, anti-static laser bar code gun has same functions but with its own characters, and the price is much cheaper, suit for mass popularization and application.

Technology Parameter

Scan Speed:100times/s; Read Precision:0.10mmPCS50.9;
Read Range:1-55cm; Obliquity:45';
Elevation:60'; Operation Temperature:0-40'C
Storage Temperature:-30-60'C; Voltage:DC+5
Work Electricity:100MA
Static Electricity:<10MA
Security:Meet Laser Level II Safety Standard
Meet Laser Level II Safety Standard:FCC classA
Optics Parameter:Visible laser 670
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20 units
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