Sell High-Speed Vacuum Forming Machine (QX 50-68/120)

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The machine is suitable for curled palstic sheet of PVC, PS, PET, to make all kinds of products through vacuum forming process.

1. Combined with pneumatic, mechanical and electric system. The machine is to achieve automatic continuous working of feeding, forming, demoulding, transverse cutting and stacking etc. It adopts PLC control system to make the machine working more reliable.
2. The width and length of sheet feeding can be stepless adjusted accurately, suitable for the arrangement of different mould, has the merit of high efficiency.
3. The machine is suitable for forming by female mould or male mould, mould replacement is convenient and fast.
4. Equipped with heaters of far-infrared heating ponent. It has automatic temperature control system.
5. With wind cooling and water fog system, it can work continuously without water cooling system, and it is suitable for producing non-metal mould.
6. It has compact structure, be convenient for checking or repairing, small floor spare.

Suitable Sheet (mm ) PVC , PS, PET

width:500-680 thickness:0.1-1.0
Length of Feeding(mm) 950-1220(Stepless adjustment)
Max. Moulding Depth(mm) 150(female mould) 200(male mould)
Capacity 3-8strokes/min
Power Supply AC380/220V 28kw(Max)
Air Consumption 1.5M3 /min(External air supply)
Working Pressure 0.6Mpa

Dimensions(mm) 7200W1518W2000
Weight(kg) 3000kg
Model Number
QX 50-68/120