Sell High Strength Steel Raised Floor for Clean Room

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Traditional die casting aluminum floor is difficult to deal with high loading raised flooring system demands for future 7th, 8th generations LCD and post 300mm wafer machines. In response to this market trend Kaori has innovated a high loading steel flooring system for cleanroom application to give maximum mechanical strength through series of manufacturing process indluding presing, assembling, brazing and heat treatment. Karois steel flooring system is a vailable and economical options besides aluminum floors, mainly due to features such as competitive cost, safe and easy to install, energy saving and high loading capacity, etc.

High Loading:Kaoris special heat treatment gives steel floor much higher strength than aluminum floor. Safer:Steel floor only distorts and seldom has sudden cracking cases under excessive payloads. Lighter:Under identical payload steel floor weights less than die casting aluminum floor. Energy Saving:Steel costs less energy to produce than die casting aluminum. Neater:Steel floor is well furnished and seamed fully conforming to CISCA/JIS/CNS standards. Less Outgas:Steel floor has a lower gas permeation rate than aluminum floor.