Sell High Visibility Vests

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High visibility vests mainly warn traffic conductors, road administrators, constructors, city cleaners, and vehicle repairmen of danger when they are at work

All the vests are of a size which are made of cellular cloth with spiral knitting and characterized by bright color and high resistance to tearing. Besides, its fringe is even finished with high quality twill of the same color

Their reflective elements are either reflective fabric or reflective prism (RP) tape which has 2inch, 1.5inch, 1inch and so on for you to choose from and all the reflective materials are water-proof with good reflective results

China national standard style is 3 reflective tapes with a badge in the front and 2 reflective tapes plus 1 reflective tape printed two Chinese characters Jiao Tong at the back

Non-national standard style of high visibility vest could be customized according to the clients' requirements.