Sell High flux LED short light bar

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-Available in 1-LED , 2-LED , 3-LED , 4-LED , 5-LED , 6-LED versions .
-Available in Red , Green , Blue , While , Amber , RGB color , etc .
-Runs on 12-volt systems like solar cell charged batteries
-With connecting wire and mounting brackets for trouble-free installation
-Major reduction in power costs
-Wide angle or spot illumination
-High intensity, low heat generation
-Long life , Maintenance free
-No RF interference

-Concealed lighting
-Backlighting for signage letters
-Channel letter lighting
-Emergency exit path lighting
-Automotive tail light, braking light and back-view mirror light

Basic technical data
-Printed circuit board thickness:1.6mm
-Working voltage: 12V DC
-Working current: 1-LED to 3-LED version 20mA
4-LED to 6-LED version 40mA
-Size ( L x W ) : 23 x 15 mm ( 1-LED )
40 x 15mm ( 2-LED )
60 x 15mm ( 3-LED )
75 x 15mm ( 3-LED )
80 x 15mm( 4-LED )
90 x 15mm( 5-LED )
156 x 15mm ( 6-LED )
Power Requirements