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High glossy inkjet photo paper

Compatible with all Inkjet printers. Canon, Epson, HP , Lexmark. desktop printer. Application for high quality inkjet print out of Professional graphic Arts, High resolution photographic Images, Scannned Images, Digital Covers, etc.


 Special surface coated, advanced ink solidify technology
 Suitable for color image output
 Special sizing jet disposal
 Support high precision printers(720-4880DPI)
 Absorb the ink instantly, output effect is vivid and impervious
 Create photo effect print quality
 Material is Pure pulp, high whiteness of the base paper


Dimensions: A3: 297mm*420mm
A4 : 210mm*297mm
10*15: 100mm*150mm
Roll: 610mm/914mm. etc. .
Paper Weight : (gsm) : 130g/150g/180g/200g/210g/230g/240g/260g
Printing Quality DPI : 720/1440/2880/ 5760 high resolving print .
Printing Material brightness : 5.0 -6.0%
Printing Material Opacity: 92- 99%
Printing Material Smoothness: 65sec.
Printing Material Thickness: 0.10-0.27 mm
Printing Material Whiteness: 98%-103%
Sheets per package : 20/50/100/500 sheets/Packs
Packs in one catrons: 50/20/10/80/200 packs / catrons
Dimensions/weight: Carton size: 450*320*170mm
Package Weight : ~14kg- 17kg / cartons.
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