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High power energy saving lamp
1. Specifications:
Rated Voltage: 85V-275V
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Real Power: 100W-200W
Light Efficiency: >70LM/W
Power Factor: >0.99
Color Temp. :2700K-6400K
Color Rendering Index: >85
Glass Life Time: >10000 hours
Ballast Life Time: >30000 hours
Warranty: 18 months

We design the lampshade according to tube shape to make 93% of lighting effective, but for self-ballast lamps, only 50-60% of lighting could be effective.

At present, we customize 3 shape of glass tube,6U, full spiral and umbrella, the price around be usd40.00-usd60.00, our products are mainly for indoor illumination of factory, warehouse, large mall, tunnel, school as well as retrofitting of factory and warehouse. They could replace ceramic metal halide fixture 400W with price of usd117.00 as well as save more 50% energy than ceramic metal halide fixture.

2. Usage cost comparison
We should compare the usage cost under the same illumination effect, take full spiral 150W for sample, total price for our new product is usd32.00(with real power 141.2W) , but for standard 150W full spiral should be usd11.00(with real power 100W) . If you want the same illumination effect, you need to use 5 pcs of standard full spiral 150W, the total cost should be usd 55.00+usd25.00(usd5.00 per lampshade) =usd80.00 only with 6000-8000hrs of life time, but our new product with minimum 10000hrs of lifetime, when the glass tube fails to work, you just need to buy glass tube at usd11.00 .

Our new product with maximum 50000 hrs lifetime, total cost should be usd32.00+usd11.00*4=usd76.00, but cost for standard full spiral should be usd80.00*5=usd400.00, you see by using our new product could save more than 4 times of cost.

3. Super quality
Chip design type of ballast guarantees the super performance and perfect reliability, we ever tracked 1000pcs of umbrella lamps which are lightened by 24 hrs per day during the past 2 years, there was only 2% of failure rate.

At present, our high power lamps are unique, there is no the 2nd factory could produce high power lamps with such good quality in the world.

4. Promotion type
We only promote our high power lamps by sole distribution agent , coz our lamps are high-tech products with relative higher price, the traditional promotion way from importer to wholesaler to retailer and to end users will make prices more higher and harm customers interests.

We'll support our sole agent to do big business and not face end users directly
Supply Capacity
CE RoHS,EUP standard
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Power Requirements
100 ~240V,50~60Hz
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