Sell High power nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries SC1500mAh

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As a special type of products developed successfully by our company, the high-power battery has the advantages of the further lowered internal resistance and high-rate discharge characteristic by our adopting new special technology. At the same time, we greatly improved the structure of the positive and negative plates and their electric system, so the battery can be rapidly charged to full level and display long service life, usage safety and high reliability. The high-power battery is the perfect power supply for new type apparatus, and it is very perfectly adopted either to the long-term continuous discharging or to plus discharging and be rapidly discharged within a period range from 1second to 30minutes. Batteries characteristics: 1. Outstanding large-current discharge characteristics, and the battery can deliver 90 percent of the rated capacity at 6-CmA discharge current and 80 percent of which at 10C-mA discharge current; 2. Flat discharge voltage and lower internal resistance;
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