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Introduction of High-pressure Micropowder Grinder :
High-pressure Micropowder Grinder is used for super fine powder proccessing of non-flammable and non-explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 6 and humidity below 8%, such as kaolin, limestone, calcite, talcum, marble, barite, gypsum, iron oxid red, iron oxid green, aluminium hydroxide, pigment, bentonite and ceramic. High-pressure Micropowder Grinder has a higher quality than ball mill.

Features and Benefits of the High-pressure Micropowder Grinder :
High-pressure Micro-powder Grinder is composed of host machine, blower, cyclone powder collector for finish products, bag-type dust collector and ventilation pipe, etc, as well as auxiliary devices (like elevator, storage bin, electrical cabinet, feeder and crusher, etc, ) provided only when required by demander. In the fine grinding room, grinding roller is always hung across horizontal axis on the hanger, which shall be fixed with main axis and shovel shelf.
Pressure spring shall be firmly pressed by tension rod on the cantilever end in the bearing house. With cantilever as a supporting point, grinding roller shall be firmly pressed on inner surface of grinding ring by spring pressure. When electric machine runs due to driving device, blade on the shovel shelf will rotate synchronically together with grinding roller, which at the same time revolves around itself. Since analyzer drives its impellers turn through driving device of electric machine, adjusting the speed of analyzer determines the fineness of powder.

 High grinding gorce.
 Energy saving.
 Less investment and high benefit.
 Less processing.
 Good sealing.
 Excellent dust-cleaning result.

High-pressure Micropowder Grinder Working principle:
Materials, after being ground, shall be sent to storage bin by elevator and then evenly to host computers grinding room by feeder, and then shoved by blade to the space between grinding roller and grinding ring for grinding and crushing. Wind from fan into grinding room blows powder into analyzer for winnowing.

The powder failing to reach the fineness shall return for re-grinding, and the acceptable one will enter into cyclone dust collector for finish product with airflow and come out from discharging port after separating with air as finish product.

However, vapor resulting from water of material during grinding and outside gas taken in due to sealing of the whole tube will increase air quantity in the system.

To ensure that grinder works well under negative pressure, superfluous air shall be discharge into atmosphere after being purified with bag-type dust collector.

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