Sell High refractive index reflection glass micro bead

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Product synopsis
The refractive index reflects light the micro bead (counter-burnishing powder) is produces the reflection cloth, the reflection pastes the membrane, the reflection coating and so on the new light function compound materials core part, it has the return reflection characteristic and from this has the strong return reflection effect, does not need the sur- power source, but widely uses in domain and so on path, harbor, mine, fire prevention safety marks; Uses in each kind of fatigue dress, the lifesaving thing and so on, compared the earth to enhance the user safety reliability.
Reflection principle
The high refractive index reflection glass micro bead has the return reflection effect. The so-called return reflection effect is refers when the bundle of rays shines when certain scope any angle to the micro bead surface, condenses as a result of the primarily high refractive index function in on the micro bead focal point special reflection layer, reflection layer light along photosource direction parallel reflection one optical phenomenon. (Sees schematic drawing) when the refractive index is bigger than 1.9, the micro bead reflection only then has the high return performance.
Characteristic and specification
Outward appearance: The white is brightly lit, silver-gray
refractive index: ND >= 1.19, ND >= 1.93, ND >= 2.2, high luminance silver-gray color
granularity: 200 - 500 item (may provide 200 - 250 item
250 - 300 item 300 - 350 item 350 - 400 item
400 - 420 item 420 - 500 item according to request graduation)
not not opaquely rate: <= 5%
circle entire rate: >= 95%
storage and packing:
But in evades the light, dry, under the normal temperature environment may the long-term storage not affect the quality and the use effect.
Product packing: 5 kilogram, 25 kilogram paper barrel packing.