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1, High-silica fiberglass is a kind of inorganic fiber that is characterized by its resistance to high temperatures. Its softening point approaches 17000 and can be used at 9000 for a long time. The fabric is applicable for use as a heat-resitant, fire-resitant, and corrosion resistant material in the construction of rockets, missilesand other space vehicles. Apart from applications requiring high temperature-resistance, it is also has insulation and fire prevention uses.

2, This product conform with the GJB 1873-94 nation military standard. SPECIFICATION: SiO2>96%, LOI<3%. Our company has plain weave and satin weave, thickness is 0.1-1.5mm.

High temperature resistant, insulation and sealing material
High temperature ablation resistant material
Fireproof material(fireproof cloth, fireproof curtain,  fire blanket)
Dust collecting in media of high temperature gas and filtration in media of high temperature liquid
Filer for molten metal
Distinguisher, insulation material, filtration of automobile and motorcycle
Protective material for welding
Electricity insulation material
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