Sell High-speed (Three-servo) Three-side Sealing Zipper Standing Pouch-making Machine

High-speed (Three-servo) Three-side Sealing Zipper Standing Pouch-making Machine You May Also Be Interested In: pouch machine pouch making machine standing pouch standing pouch machine zipper pouch
This machine is a kind of updated Model WSD-600A Full-automatic High-speed Three-side Sealing Bag-making Machine and is suitable for producing two-layer or multi-layer three-side sealing laminated film pouches (pouches for food, washing powder and sweets, etc. ) which take BOPP, PET, CPP, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper as base material. With such characteristics as easy operation, smooth product, stiff and smooth and beautiful appearance, high-strength thermal edge sealing and high pouch making speed, it is a kind of ideal equipment for packing and making pouches.
Main technical variables:
Type HDL500 HDL500
Max. Diameter of Roll Material h600mm h600
Max. Width of Roll Material 1040mm 1240mm
Pouch-making Width 60~500mm 60~600mm
Pouch-making Length 30~300mm(option:skip materialfeeding) 30~300mm(option:skip materialfeeding)
Capacity 30~150段 /min 30~150段 /min
Temperature Control Range 0~3000 0~3000
Total Power 32Kw 35Kw
Compressed Air 0.6mPa 0.6mPa
Cooling water 5L/min 5L/min
Weight of Machine 5500kg 6000kg
Overall Dimension L12000WW2300WH19000mm L12000WW2400WH19000mm

Performance and Characteristics:
1. The whole machine adopts industrial control level computer and auxiliary three-servo control system.
2. All the parameters adopt LCD screen real-time display. The pouch-making speed, pouch-making length, temperature, counting, punching and conveyor quantity of doubling finished products, etc. can be preset via touch screen.
3. Releasing tension can be controlled by full-automatic adjustable magnetic powder constant tension control system.
4. Automatic alarm for releasing tension, central tension, color mark losing and out of temperature limit, etc.
5. LPC automatic deviation-rectifying, double photoelectric tracking.
6. New type pressure-lifting 6 times conveying function
7. Computer 16- route PID constant temperature control.
8. Pneumatic multi-functional punching, automatic collecting of cut rim charge, electrostatic elimination.
9. Technology of double self-standing pouch, double concave-convex buckle device is in the lead at home, which can truly make pouch by one machine with multiple functions.