Sell High-speed Full-automatic Four-Color Trademark Printing Machine

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1. Automatic feeding paper coordinates the printing speed. If there is no paper, the machine will automatically stop.
2. It can set accurate quantity of paper cutting arbitrarily, trim the angle front and back, accurately control the quantity of paper. It is easy to operate.
3. Polishing press wheel can be pulled out in a set. It is easy to operate and clean and can save time. It is unique design. It is characterized by quickness, ease of operation and high stability. The feed, printing, laminating, die cutting, computer hole and finished products can be done in one processing.
4. The die cut seat can be regulated left and right, up and down membrane angle. It is fast to have a pilot run with high stability to ensure its safety.
5. The machine is equipped with computer auto controller, for example, the machine can automatically stop if the materials are broken in printing. So it is safe and reliable in printing.
6. It is equipped with centralized fueling system to ensure that there is no abnormal erosion in printing.
7. The switches are easy to distinguish and operate. It is the ideal equipment for trademark printing