Sell High-speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuges

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Our High-speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuges are widely used in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarifying to separations of chemicals, foods, blood and pharmaceuticals. High performance is consistently achieved in continuous, semi-continuous or batch operations.
Ruggedly built in a range of sizes, it provide an efficient, cost-effective technology for research through production applications. It efficiently separate from one to several thousand liters of biological cultures and other
mixtures. It is characterized by their ability to process many times the volume of their tubular bowl. Fluid mixtures are fed into the bottom of the rapidly rotating separating chamber. Solids are retained, while liquid components are expelled from the top of the chamber through a collection tray.
For liquid-liquid separations, two collection trays are used. The retained solids cake is dry and densely packed by the high G-forces of the High-speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuge.
The most difficult separation tasks can often involve three phases, with hardly any difference in the density of the separate liquid phases and with the particles to be separated very small in size. In such applications, no other technology can compete with High-speed Tubular Bowl Centrifuge technology.
Bowl liners are available for special requirements.