Sell High-speed Unit type gravure press

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We supply all series of garvure printing machinery in the field, including High-speed Unit type gravure press, High-speed Dry-laminating Machine, grinding machine, electroplating machinery, Economical Slitting Machine, Economical Dry-laminating Machine, copper grinding machine, Computerized Slitting Machine, Chromium polishing machinery etc.
High-speed Unit type gravure press Features:
1, Unwinding section , feed traction section , winding traction , rewinding section all use floating cylinder and serve motor automatic tension control system
2, Four sets of tension of rewinding and unwinding use man-machine-interface to display and operate.
3, Double working-position automatic turning material rack can perform material exchange at high speed and without stopping the machine.
4, Printing units impression rubber roller bracket type synchronization imperative, pneumatic press print.
5, Printing ink automatically recycle to avoid ink dryness.
6, Pneumatic press scrapper with adjustable press
7, Independent drying system, intelligent automatic constant temperature control, obturated type oven, the economic energy can be recycled use.
8, Roller water-cooling design can cool film quietly to renew original shape to chromaticity correctly.
9, Shaft-less plate-cylinder pneumatic chucking installation to perform fast exchange of cylinder.